Lance Moore

Senior software engineer and consultant

Passionate software engineer with a diverse background in both pharmacy and software engineering, combining over 10 years of industry experience in each field. I've leveraged my unique skill set to deliver a fresh approach to developing innovative software solutions.



A few of my featured projects

Batch manufacture software

Pharmaceutical Batch Manufacturing

PHP (Yii)

I designed this Batch Manufacturing ERP software for a complimentary medicine manufacturer. The system has has replaced the previous paper system.

Key Features

  • Manage material stock levels and procurement
  • Generate PDF batch documents and labels for materials
  • QR Scanning application ensures operators are adding the correct raw materials
  • Quickly flags expiring materials
  • Enforce FEFO (First expiring first out)
  • Staff login
  • Staff Clock In
  • Regulatory and compliance reporting
  • Full batch traceability
Invoicing Software

Invoicing and payment collection

Django / VueJS

I worked on this project as both an independent contributor and Team Lead.

Key Features

  • Multi-tenant platform with organization "White labelling"
  • Track invoices, bills and payments
  • Integrates with Quickbooks desktop and Quickbooks online
  • Add employees with fine grained permissions to carry out finance tasks
  • Manage accounts for multiple organizations with a single login
Crypto wallet

National Crypto Rollout

I worked with a team of contractors to address severe issues related to the national rollout of crypto as legal tender. I was responsible for assembling a team and providing support to various project stake-holders.

Arbitrage RSS

Crypto Arbitrage RSS

Python / Celery

A personal project that I developed. The system aggregates order books from several local and international exchanges to determine the best arbitrage rates. I was able to generate a handsome profit before the arbitrage gaps eventually closed.

Key Features

  • Realtime RSS Feed of various arbitrage rates
  • Aggregated data from platforms with and without public API's
  • Customizable email alerts
Virtual inspection

Virtual Inspection Application

A virtual inspection application that I designed and implemented for the metal recycling association in South Africa. The virtual inspection application was approved by SAPS (The South African Police Service) and replaces physical inspections to this day.

Key Features

  • Automatically generates inspections for members on an annual basis
  • Multi-tenant system with Member, Staff and SAPS logins
  • Compliance Reports
  • Secure/encrypted data uploads for member documentation
  • Automated email reminders
  • Comprehensive member documentation and training
  • Automatically Generates PDF documentation of completed inspections and issues PDF certificates to compliant members
Electronic medical procurement

Electronic procurement and ERP

Working together with a small team we rolled out a Electronic procurement and ERP system for a pharmaceutical supplier.

Key Features

  • Electronic ordering of medical supplies
  • Multi-tenant logins for clinics, practitioners, staff and sales representatives
  • Automated commission calculations based of very technical business logic
  • Payment collections
  • Meets regulatory requirements